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Becoming a Carbon Literate organisation

Many organisations have made excellent progress on sustainability. In many cases this has been done by picking the low-hanging fruit. For example, purchasing green electricity or installing renewable energy systems.

Making further progress can be difficult. Where are the next sustainability wins going to come from?  An organisation’s key asset is their workforce. Educating and empowering your staff can be a powerful way in which you can improve your sustainability. A trained and motivated staff can help deliver strategic objectives. This can range from emission reduction to reduce operational overheads.

Carbon Literacy is one way in which an organisation can train their staff on climate change issues. Through Carbon Literacy, an organisation develops it own bespoke training content. This content provides understanding on:

  • the causes of climate change
  • the impacts of climate change
  • how individuals can act to address climate change
  • group actions and organisation can take to address climate change

The Carbon Literacy Project will accredit your training, to validate the learning and actions that are developed. This third party accreditation provides additional value and weight to the content delivered.

Carbon Literacy

WRM Sustainability can develop and deliver Carbon Literacy workforce training for your company. We use our sustainability expertise to tailor expert training materials to your needs.

Becoming Carbon Literate can help meet your sustainability aims and help you stand out from the competition. Demonstrate you commitment to sustainability by becoming a Carbon Literate organisation.

Speak to our Sustainability lead, Adam Newman, today for more details on the process for becoming carbon literate and the support WRM can offer.


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