How to Develop a Green Plan


The NHS Long Term Plan and Greener NHS campaigns both recognise the need for the NHS to integrate sustainability into its service delivery. These drivers consider sustainability in the context of healthcare services and provide the framework for efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution, and waste generation.

In order for the NHS as a whole to meet these national targets, trusts across the NHS are required to adopt this framework by implementing a “Green Plan”.

As tried-and-tested NHS Trust partners we have experience of  both developing strategy and delivering Green Plans. See our handy guide on the benefits of a Green Plan, and a brief overview of key considerations for developing an effective Green Plan.

Why take action now? The UK has set itself legally binding targets to become carbon “net-zero” by 2050 –  with NHS’ setting its deadline to 2040. These targets require that the UK and NHS substantially reduces all emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) gases over the next few decades. The NHS as the largest group of public sector organisations in the UK has consequently the highest CO2e emission profile in the public sector. If the UK is to meet its net-zero carbon targets, it is, therefore, crucial that the NHS leads the way on a campaign of sustainable development to transform its environmental and social impact.



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