Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust (BTHFT) approached WRM in order to deliver a Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP). BTHFT were in need of direction and support to understand their environmental impacts and to produce a plan to address the identified issues. WRM delivered bespoke consultancy support to produce a tailored, unique plan for BTHFT that met their requirements and showed a way forward for improved environmental management at the Trust.




  • Produced by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, the SDAT allows Trusts to score and report how they are performing on a series of sustainability metrics. BTHFT primary driver was to improve their score on this tool and WRM tailored the SDMP to assist in this aim.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • WRM interviewed 20 senior colleagues across the Trust to understand the current position on sustainability
  • And to propose and agree potential actions that could be taken
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement ensured that all proposals suggested by WRM were sanctioned by staff members
  • This process also means that actions which are deemed to be unpracticable can be excluded at an early stage
  • Enabled WRM to identify sustainability interventions already being implemented at the Trust.


  • WRM produced an easy to follow action plan for the Trust which provided a clear way forward for Bradford
  • The action plan specified:
    • individual interventions that needed to be made,
    • identified key persons required to be involved; and,
    • provided timescales for implementation




Bradford received an SDMP meeting their exact requirements, that was then taken to the board for sign-off. This help the Trust to meet the requirements placed upon them by the terms of the NHS Standard Contract and their CCG.

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