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WRM were approached by Circular Economy Wales to help them to develop review the organisation’s current sustainability performance, identify¬† opportunities for improvement, and develop an environmental policy for the organisation.


WRM developed a bespoke sustainability audit template, aligned to the activities and operations of Circular Economy Wales. This audit was carried out to review and discuss how the organisation’s activities were conducted and to assess the environmental, economic and social impact of these activities.

We looked into the way the organisation currently worked and presented a range of sustainable options that could be considered to improve the environmental impact.

Following the audit, we developed an Environmental Action Plan. This plan detailed the the actions that Circular Economy Wales could take to improve their environmental performance, based upon the findings of the audit.

We also developed an Environmental Policy and Eco-Code for CEW. These documents established strategic objectives for the organisation and set clear measurable targets for improvement.



We were able to provide CEW with a clear, concise and concrete assessment of their business activities and how they could go about improving their sustainability performance.

We provided CEW with reader-friendly documents that could be used to support in tender responses and to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental considerations.

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