CSR Strategy- NECS


NHS North England Commissioning Support (NECS) approached WRM Sustainability (WRM) to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. This CSR programme was designed to provide a strategic direction for interventions at NECS to help improve their level of sustainability.


CSR Strategies can help an organisation to take account of its environmental, economic and social impacts and to develop a way to address these issues. By adopting an effective CSR strategy, companies can improve their public perception, competitive position and most importantly, mitigate any negative impacts caused by their activities.

CSR Summary


WRM engaged extensively with NECS to understand their current activities and to identify opportunities for improvement and change. WRM coupled our expert knowledge for ingraining sustainability within an organisation with extensive client engagement. This allowed us to produce a strategy to guide NECS towards a more sustainable future.


Stakeholder Engagement

WRM carried out a series of site visits to different NECS sites to conduct our Sustainability Audit. Our audits are based on environmental legislation and best practice guidance. We utilise our audits to identify opportunities to improve sustainability performance. Additionally, our audits check an organisations legal compliance against a number of relevant regulations and legislation. Our thorough site audits uncovered examples of good and bad practice and provided a solid justification for suggested interventions. WRM also conducted a workshop with key personnel from the organisation to present the findings of the audits and to discuss suggested interventions.

Action Plan

Following on from the information gathering stage, WRM produced a detailed action plan containing all the agreed interventions NECS would adopt. This action plan separated the interventions into different categories and identified an appropriate person who would be accountable for implementation. Each action was also given a timescale for implementation and an estimated saving to achieve.

Objectives and Targets

WRM worked with NECS to establish key objectives and targets to provide overall direction to the CSR strategy. By setting well-defined, ambitious objectives and targets, progress against each of the actions can be monitored and aligned to the overall ambition of the CSR strategy. Having a high-level objective provides strategic direction to the granular action plan.

Building on Previous Success

This is the second time WRM have produced a CSR Programme for NECS. A key element of this CSR programme was to understand the success and challenges that NECS had in implementing the first plan. This allowed WRM to understand the areas of NECS activities where the biggest impact could be achieved and to develop the strategy to suit their strengths.


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