Thackray Medical Museum approached WRM Sustainability to help improve their environmental, economic and social sustainability. WRM Sustainability provided a comprehensive resource efficiency review at the museum. This enabled Thackray to understand their current usage of energy. This helped them to identify the most cost-effective means to improve resilience, reduce demand for energy and lower their carbon footprint.


Sustainability Audits

WRM conducted a series of site visits to tour the museum to understand and identify opportunities to improve energy performance.


Carbon Baseline

WRM developed a carbon baseline for the museum to provide a clear and accurate understanding of their energy usage requirements. This quantitative analysis allowed WRM and the client to target interventions at the key areas of consumption, delivering the maximum value to the museum.


Prioritisation of Interventions

Using the findings of the baseline, WRM ranked the identified interventions which would have the greatest impact from an energy reduction perspective whilst also delivering the fastest return on investment, ensuring the both economic and environmental factors were considered.



WRM provided the museum with a comprehensive and concise report detailing the methodology and findings of the work to provide the evidence required to inform board level decision making, enabling the implantation of the key priority actions.



Based on WRM’s audits, baseline and report,  Thackray Medical Museum were able to seek financing options for key interventions, based upon well-researched, accurate information and data.

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