Carbon Literacy

What is Carbon Literacy?

Carbon Literacy is an accredited training scheme which is run by the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) to embed sustainable behaviour changes within an organisation. The sustainability training improves staff awareness of the carbon costs and the impacts of their everyday activities. It  also empowers individuals, communities and organisations to be aware of how their actions can reduce emissions.

Organisations can become an accredited “Carbon Literate Organisation”, signalling commitment to address climate change in a holistic manner, and possibly alongside technological or offsetting options. By having a third-party accreditation verified by the CLP, your commitment to action on climate change is meaningful and substantive. This strengthens the sustainability and corporate social responsibility credentials of any organisation.

We personalise our training to your operations, sector and organisation

Our trained experts can deliver both in person or virtual training for your organisation. We produce tailored training content to ensure the issues of climate change and carbon emissions are practical to address commercial challenges and opportunities for your organisation’s sector and operations. We also personalise training to makes sure it is meaningful and valuable to your staff.

We take pride in developing informative, engaging and interactive sessions designed to encourage meaningful actions across your organisation. By empowering your staff to take individual and group actions the impact achieved can be beyond carbon emission reduction. The training can also deliver wider benefit such as operational efficiencies, reduced operating costs and improved CSR/ESG positioning.

WRM also offers ‘train the trainer’ sessions and implementation support for organisations looking to roll-out carbon literacy using in-house training teams.

Prove your credibility and commitment to environmental sustainability in tenders

By becoming a Carbon Literate organisation, your organisation can achieve a reduction in CO2­ ­emissions. The CLP estimates that Carbon Literacy training can deliver a 5-15% reduction in CO2 emissions per individual trained. This in turn can deliver cost reductions, as reducing emissions is often associated with reduced utility bills and business mileage expenses.

Your Carbon Literate accreditation can also be vital in improving sustainability scores on tenders and in demonstrating to potential clients and customers that you are a “Green” organisation. By becoming accredited you can prove to tender evaluators, potential clients and customers that not only have you dedicated time to climate change issues, but that you have taken genuine steps to reduce your environmental impacts.

Speak to our trainer

If you are interested in training in environmental impact reduction with Carbon Literacy, speak to our service lead about the training programmes that we offer.

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