Compliance Management

WRM Sustainability offer a professional support service to ensure that your organisation meets and maintains all compliance commitments.

Compliance Assurance Services

Ensuring that your organisation is compliant with all relevant legislation, regulation and memoranda is vital for reducing business risk. WRM Sustainability can provide a comprehensive package of compliance assurance services to identify all relevant compliance requirements you must meet and then to audit your organisation to assess compliance. Where non-compliances are identified WRM Sustainability can then provide advice and support on how to address these non-compliances.

  • Identification of relevant legislation and regulations;
  • conducting legal audits to assess compliance;
  • review of performance;
  • issuing non-compliance notices;
  • advising on actions to ensure non-compliances are addressed

Auditing and Reporting Consultants

WRM Sustainability can help your organisation to review and manage any end of year reporting that you may be required to complete. With limited time resource available, end-of-year reporting can often be an onerous task. WRM Sustainability can provide you with additional resource to shoulder this burden. Having an external organisation undertake auditing of existing systems provides regulator and certification body confidence and assurance in the robust approach to maintaining accreditation. We can offer support on a wide range of reporting requirements, including:

  • Treasury reports;
  • Ofgem reports;
  • Ofwat reports;
  • NHS SDU report;
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) reports

ISO Management Systems Recertification Support

We can offer support to your organisation to meet the rigorous demands of complying with ISO accredited management system audits. We have an extensive track record of guiding organisations through their commitments to maintaining certification against a standard. WRM Sustainability can assist your organisation through our recertification support package which includes:

  • conducting internal audits;
  • conducting management reviews;
  • supporting at external audits

Interim Management Consultancy

WRM Sustainability can provide consultants on secondment or retainer to help your organisation to manage their compliance commitments when required. Whether this is short term cover during busy periods, or to provide support when a valued employee is on long-term leave, WRM Sustainability can fill this gap and become imbedded within your organisation to provide seamless continuity.

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