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WRM Sustainability can provide specialist consultancy to NHS organisations to develop sustainability strategies specifically for the needs and requirements of health and care organisations. We provide a holistic service that can help your organisation to tackle climate change, reduce your environmental impact and meet your contractual requirements.

What is a Green Plan?

WRM Sustainability have developed a brief summary answering this question which is available for free download here.

Green Plan Development

WRM Sustainability have an established track record of working with NHS organisations to deliver SDMPs and Green Plans. WRM Sustainability’s tried and tested methodology for developing Green Plans, can help your organisation to understand its current position and begin implementation of an action plan to make positive changes.

Our Green Plan development package includes the following aspects:

  • review of current strategy and practices;
  • identification of sustainability drivers;
  • development of a carbon baseline;
  • stakeholder engagement;
  • development of a Sustainable Action Plan;
  • implementation support;
  • expert sustainability advice

Our review of your current strategy and practices enables a thorough review of your current level of sustainability. This process can often discover actions being undertaken that already provide a sustainability benefit. This can provide a solid foundation to build further improvements on. The initial review can also provide insight into challenges and barriers to implementation which can be factored into the development of our Sustainable Action Plan.

WRM Sustainability can develop a comprehensive carbon baseline for your organisation to accurately calculate your carbon footprint. This process also allows us to identify areas of your organisation which create the most carbon emissions. This allows us to tailor actions to address these issues and to efficiently and effectively utilise your time and resource.

WRM Sustainability strongly advocate extensive stakeholder engagement in the Green Plan process. By engaging with key staff across your organisation we can identify potential interventions that are specific to the particular needs and requirements of your organisation. By consulting with colleagues, we also ensure that colleagues are engaged with the development of the Green Plan and are engaged in the plan when it comes to implementation.

The key part of our Green Plans is the Sustainable Action Plan. Using our experience, WRM Sustainability develop plans with detailed actions, accountable persons for delivery and appropriate timescales for implementation. This Sustainable Action Plan serves as a practicable and effective means to make tangible sustainability improvements for your organisation. Our action plans are designed with ease of implantation in mind and allow for the tracking of progress. This makes it easy to report to Senior management, which can help cultivate buy-in from senior management.

Our Team

Our specialist consultancy team have developed a large portfolio of delivering sustainability projects with NHS organisations. As well as developing SDMPs, Green Plans and Carbon Reduction Campaigns, our team have experience working as the in-house Sustainability Manager for one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK. As an in-house manager, our consultants have developed an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for implementing an action within an NHS organisation. This provides a unique perspective for developing plans and informs our process for creating actionable Green Plans.

Our wider team of consultants have expertise delivering energy efficiency and sustainability improvements across multiple sectors. This expertise is used to bring principles of energy efficiency and sustainability which are common in other industries into the NHS. The combination of our NHS sustainability expertise and wider industry knowledge provides a package that can deliver a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to delivering Green Plans.

Download our free guide

Our free guide will help you understand what a Green Plan is, the organisations which require a Green Plan, the benefits a Green Plan can offer, and a brief overview of considerations for developing an effective Green Plan.

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